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Gravel Driveway New Bedford MA

Need the services of gravel driveway contractors near you? A Plus Affordable Asphalt is a leading driveway company in New Bedford MA providing top-notch gravel driveways at an affordable cost. Call us today for your free estimate or free samples.

Gravel is the material of choice when it comes to driveways, pavements, and parking lots in rural areas. However, gravel is very uncommon in some areas. If you’re planning to get a driveway installed in your home and the area is large, then gravel is the way to go because it is more affordable compared to concrete.

Gravel is a term used to refer to loose rocks and stones that are smaller than cobble, but the particles are larger than sand. Sizes of gravel vary between 0.1 inches to 3 inches in diameter. Gravel is often confused with natural stone, but we will explore the differences below.

At A Plus Affordable Asphalt our focus is not just asphalt and concrete; we also offer natural stone and gravel driveway installs in New Bedford, Carver, Raynham, Fall River, Bridgewater and other areas in MA.

One of the commonest misconceptions when it comes to gravel driveways is that gravel and natural stone is the same thing. Many driveway companies use these two raw materials in driveway projects as well as paving and landscaping.

Crushed stone is manmade and its main component is natural stone in most cases. Some of the other materials used in crushed stone are granite, limestone, and tap rock. Gravel, on the other hand, is a natural material that is made wholly from natural stone and rocks. Gravel is made when large rocks are eroded over time. As a result, gravel is available in different colors that depend on the color of the natural stone from which it was formed.

Aside from the fact that one is man-made and the other natural, another difference between these two is that gravel is lighter than crushed stone, and hence easier to install. Further, gravel has a more rounded shape as opposed crushed stone, which is sharp and diagonal.

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Gravel Driveway Cost

Size and slope are the two most obvious things that affect the cost of a gravel driveway in New Bedford MA. The gravel driveway cost will be higher for installation on a steeper the slope or a larger the surface area. Another factor that affects the cost of a gravel driveway in New Bedford, MA is the type of stone used. This ultimately affects the cost of the stone. In general, a gravel driveway is way cheaper to install than an asphalt driveway. You can spend less than half on your driveway if you pick gravel instead of asphalt.

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Driveway Company Near Me

We recommend getting a driveway company near you to install your driveway. This will make the entire process more convenient and affordable. As such, there are several advantages you’ll enjoy when you choose a gravel driveway for your home and work with a local driveway company. One major advantage is that the cost of installation and maintenance is low. The closer you are to the driveway company, the cheaper the installation costs and vice versa. For instance, if you live far from the source of the gravel, then transport costs will be higher. You can significantly lower your transport costs by working with a gravel driveway contractor near you. Another benefit is that gravel is long lasting and does not need to be resurfaced. As a result, the overall gravel driveway cost can be quite affordable.

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Gravel Driveway Contractors Near Me

Gravel driveway installation should only be done by reputable gravel driveway contractors near you. The installation process is almost the same as that of stone driveways. The first step is the excavation of the driveway. The second step is the install of the gravel. The ideal number of layers is three, but you can get away with two if you want to reduce the cost. The essence of working with trusted gravel driveway contractors is that they will assess the area for suitability. They will also calculate the surface area of your driveway. Finally, they will give you a free estimate of how much gravel you will need and what that will cost you. If you need a reputable driveway company to install a gravel driveway in your New Bedford, MA home, get in touch with us today. We are available from Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 7 pm..

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