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Parking Lot Paving Westport, MA

Are you in need of parking lot repair services? A Plus Affordable Asphalt provides commercial parking lot paving and repair in Westport MA at an affordable cost. We also provide concrete, asphalt and natural stone solutions for residential properties. We have been doing this for over three decades now. Our desire is to see every home and business in Westport MA and its surroundings with properly-installed driveways and parking lots. A parking lot, much like a driveway, ushers people into your home or business premises. If it is well-done, then people will assume that your business is also run well. If not, then people may judge your business based on that. Unfortunately, this is the hard truth. This is just one of the reasons why your parking lot should be paved well and kept in tip-top condition. So what does it take to have a good-looking but also properly installed business parking lot? One, it needs a good foundation. Asphalt parking lots, in particular, are sensitive. If the foundation is not properly built, then your parking lot will cave under the weight of vehicles and people over time. Two, it needs proper drainage to avoid flooding during the rainy season. Three, you need a seamless transition from the old parking lot to the new one, especially if you’re planning to extend your old parking lot further. All these factors are important whether you’re looking for parking lot paving services in Westport MA or anywhere else in Massachusetts. The standard remains the same.

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Commercial Paving

Commercial paving in Westport is not the same as residential paving. Since commercial parking lots are used more often than residential ones, they should be built to withstand and last longer. Businesses and commercial buildings should invest in the best commercial paving contractors for the durability of their parking lots. In addition, professional commercial paving results in good aesthetics that is great for attracting more customers. Your commercial parking lot should be in the best condition, and we can help with that. Our parking lot paving services are available in North Attleboro, Wareham, Attleboro, Brockton, Carver, East Wareham, Bridgewater, New Bedford, Marion, Mattapoisett, Rochester, Swansea, Dighton, and Taunton in MA. Below, we also discuss some of the advantages of an asphalt parking lot and the factors affecting the parking lot paving cost. Choosing asphalt for commercial paving is beneficial because it has a good finish. In addition, using asphalt for commercial paving is also cheaper than concrete, which is also why it is our material of choice at A Plus Affordable Asphalt.

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asphalt parking lot cost

Asphalt Parking Lot Cost

Your final asphalt parking lot cost will depend on the following:
  • The material used: If you use concrete, then you will pay more for paving. However, as we said, asphalt is an affordable and durable option for parking lot paving in Westport MA.
  • Size of the parking lot: The bigger the parking lot, the more it will cost.
  • Quality of the foundation and the number of layers: More layering will ultimately increase the total asphalt parking lot cost.

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Parking Lot Repair Near Me

If you need parking lot paving installation and repair services in Westport MA, then you have come to the right place. We also provide excellent parking lot repair services that are unmatched. There are several reasons why you would need to repair your parking lot. It could be that your parking lot is old and unattractive, and is negatively affecting your ability to attract new customers. Another reason could be that you want to avoid liability. Commercial buildings are required to maintain a certain level of quality for safety reasons. Whatever the reason, you can’t go wrong with our fully bonded and insured company. Call us today for parking lot repair and we’ll make it as good as new in no time. We are affordable and we deliver every time.

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George and his team are very professional. We had our driveway sealed and an asphalt walkway paved over an existing concrete walkway that was cracking. They showed up on time each day, were fairly priced and paid close attention to all the necessary details of the project. The walkway was... read more

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