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Residential Concrete Contractors Near Me

Does your Somerset, MA home need a stamped concrete walkway or concrete sidewalk? A Plus Affordable Asphalt has the best residential concrete contractors to install your concrete sidewalk at an affordable cost. Our company specializes in the installation and repair of driveways, pavements, parking lots and sidewalks. We have created quality and affordable concrete sidewalks for our clients for over three decades.

Concrete is a popular material that Americans have used for their sidewalks and walkways for decades. Our expert residential concrete contractors are the best at installing concrete sidewalks in Somerset, MA. However, we also provide asphalt and crushed stone driveway and pavement services.

Have you been looking for a residential concrete contractor near you? You found us! Our services are available in Bridgewater, Mattapoisett, Middleborough, Taunton, Raynham and Dighton in MA. Below we explore some of the aspects of building a concrete sidewalk or stamped concrete walkway and the costs involved.

Residential concrete contractors deal with various home projects in Somerset, MA, including driveways and parking lots. A professional residential contractor near you should have certain characteristics:

  • Be able to start and complete a concrete project and understand how to work with concrete. This is because concrete can be difficult to work with and requires expertise that only specialist residential concrete contractors are skilled at.
  • Fully bonded and insured.
  • Have the right experience and qualifications.

What does a residential concrete contractor in Somerset, MA do?

  • Ensure the concrete is mixed and used correctly for a high-quality end product.
  • Prepare the area before any construction takes place to ensure the conditions are right.
  • Take measurements and provide estimates of how much material will be used, thus affecting the overall concrete sidewalk cost.

Big And Small We Pave Them All!

Stamped Concrete Near Me

Everyone knows how concrete looks; dull, grey and frankly too plain for some people. If concrete had a beauty pageant, then stamped concrete would be the winner.Stamped concrete is an upgrade to regular concrete and often looks like brick, tiles or even wood when the final product is ready for use. How do we create it? Once they install the regular concrete, our contractors will stamp different patterns and textures onto it. As a result, the finish is more appealing than gray concrete.If you want to also change the color of a concrete driveway then this is done at the stamping stage. Residential concrete contractors near you will do the stamping before the concrete has fully dried. That way, your desired imprint is left on the concrete.Aside from aesthetics, you should consider a stamped concrete walkway because the material achieves the same result as say brick or wood. Additionally, it can withstand the elements, which is a plus.

residential concrete contractors near me
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Concrete Sidewalk Cost

As with any project, the total concrete sidewalk cost is among the first things you think about. We offer free estimates for our clients in Somerset, MA. If you are looking for an affordable residential concrete contractor near you, don’t hesitate to call us. Here are some important factors we’ll establish before we start the work:How big is the project?What is your desired finish?How long will the project take to complete? This depends on the size of the project.A major advantage of working with a residential concrete contractor near you is that the distance over which the labor and materials will be transported is shorter. As such, the concrete sidewalk cost will be lower with local contractors in Somerset, MA.

stamped concrete walkway

Stamped Concrete Walkway

A stamped concrete walkway or concrete sidewalk will go through the same construction process. However, you can choose from several options if you are interested in a stamped concrete walkway.For instance, you can get a basic concrete sidewalk installed with one color option and a simple pattern. You could also go for a mid-priced concrete stamp with more color variation and a complex pattern. Additionally, we can customize concrete stamp to your liking. You can stamp whatever you like with whatever borders you prefer.Give us a call if you need a concrete sidewalk or stamped concrete walkway. We will carry out an assessment for you at no extra cost. Our residential concrete contractors are available for all stamped concrete jobs in Somerset, MA.

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George and his team are very professional. We had our driveway sealed and an asphalt walkway paved over an existing concrete walkway that was cracking. They showed up on time each day, were fairly priced and paid close attention to all the necessary details of the project. The walkway was... read more

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